We have a true passion for turbines.


 The ‘DNA’ of Sierra Turbines' technology is rooted in some of the most innovative and

demanding engineering projects that have transformed the world we live in. Our

expertise, experience and network allows us to build the future. 


Note: Our company is sharing certain info on a need to know basis for our client partners and prospective investors. Including team bios.

Core team competencies

Engineering & Design

The credentials of our scientific and technical team were honed within Fortune 100 product environments. 

Competencies of the team

  • Structural analysis of commercial propulsion systems
  • Thermodynamics and aerodynamics of gas turbine systems
  • Enterprise computer hardware and software development and integration
  • Systems architecture and embedded systems
  • Material science and industrial design
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Wireless communications systems
  • Operating system kernel development

Business & Growth Management

We possess business and relationship experience attained through direct relationships, working as the face of Fortune 50's to small startups.

Competencies of the team

    • Engineering and business program management
    • Business development and strategic partnerships 
    • International channel management in 9 countries
    • Recruiting and team development
    • Financial analysis and investment management
    • Entrepreneur mentoring
    • Product development, management and marketing

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